Cinema Drape

  • Categoría: Screen Tools
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: < 1 KB
  • Sistema: wXP Vista w7 w8
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Highlight the area on your monitor that's playing a video.

When you watch a movie or series on your PC through the web browser, you sometimes need to close or minimize a lot of windows that distract you don't allow you to make the most of the video you're trying to watch.

Cinema Drape is a simple program that highlights the video that's being played, by blackening the rest of the screen, so that way you won't be distracted by other programs that are active.

For Cinema Drape to work, just click on its shortcut on the desktop, and right then it will know what area of the screen should be highlighted.

Also, you can move the highlighted area with the cursor keys, and exit just by pressing the escape key. Why not download Cinema Drape now? It's free.


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